Speaker: Prof. Roberto Setola – Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

The “cyber” element of the Industrial Control Systems (ICS), or rather the systems that control the functioning of the plants and/or devices, acquires an increasing importance both in the industrial environment and in the consuming sectors such as domotics and automotive. This fact, in parallel to a greater efficiency and flexibility to the related systems, exposes increasingly these systems to the specific risks of the cyber world, although not all the solutions adopted for the IT security can immediately be transferred to the ICS domain due to the specific peculiarity of these systems. First of all. the workshop will describe what are the systems commonly named SCADA, DCS, PLC, etc. and how they work, and then illustrate the different threats and the possible countermeasures considering both the organisational and the technological aspects.


  • Introduction to the Industrial Control System

– Application areas

– Classifications

– Peculiarities

  • Cyber threats to the ICS

–Historical evolution and current situation

–Threats to the firmware

  • The countermeasures


For this workshop 3 Credits Professional (CFP) were requested, recognised by the National Council of Engineers