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Prof. Roberto Setola guest on


Rome, 1-2 March 2022
CyberSec 2022 (1)

Cybersecurity has by now become a strategic area for all the Countries, ranging from Defence & Security to industrial policy, technological development and geopolitical implications.

CyberSec2022 is an event promoted by Cybersecurity Italia, the online newspaper created to be the meeting point between companies and experts interested in the consistent growth of the country’s security system, its public administrations and its businesses, with the aim of interacting with institutions, decision-makers politicians, regulatory authorities, professionals, university and research world.


Here a part of the interview: https://bit.ly/3tIRJo5


The digital transformation is profoundly changing the way we live. This is why it is necessary to make a serious effort to implement national cybersecurity strategies to detect, prevent and deter cyber attacks, responding in a coordinated manner with the various institutions involved.

The Cybersecurity National Lab intends to contribute to the creation of the national cybersecurity ecosystem, putting in place the excellence of cybersecurity research in Italy and offering public and institutional decision-makers their contribution to secure the Italian cyberspace and increasing the competitiveness of the country.

Cosertiylab at cybersecnatlab



Cybersecurity National Lab

Interview on Rainews24

On Friday 13 November Rainews24 broadcasted a special dedicated on the investigation “Data Thief in Healthcare” by Federico Marconi and Giorgio Saracino.

The investigation deals with cyber-attacks in the pharmaceutical and healthcare world and also concerns theft of documents not only by state-backed hackers. The news video winners of the ninth edition of the Roberto Morrione Award for investigative journalism.

In the following the interview with Professor Roberto Setola

Interview Setola Data Thief in Healthcare


Federico Marconi and Giorgio Saracino


Roberto Setola and Luca Faramondi guests on

BFC Forbes – Forbes GREEN Carpet

Green Carpet – Puntata 46 – Roberto Setola e Luca Faramondi


Enzo Argante (Forbes)


Study conference “Flussi dell’informazione e processi decisionali”

Speech by Professor Roberto Setola

Interconnection and Interdependence

Roberto Setola

Platform, Vision & Global Trends

New article on Automazione Plus

Automazione Oggi

I dati sono la nuova moneta, le memorie sono il nuovo oro


Automazione Plus

Rivista, Automazione Plus

New Article on Research Italy ResearchItaly (English version) or ResearchItaly (Italian version)

Drones in rescue operations everywhere

Bringing help to inaccessible locations by using drones is the aim of the “Drones for Healthcare” project carried out by Consorzio Elis , which promotes innovation by supporting young entrepreneurs.

Research Italy

Portale della Ricerca Italiana, Research Italy

New Interview on insidertrend.it

Interview with Professor Roberto Setola

COVID-19: Monitoring and control measures of the population through the medium of cellphones




Rivista Online, Insidertrend

New article on La Repubblica

Repubblica_Coronavirus Roma la fase due.

The rules to start up again – entering phase two of the national lockdown measures

The Lazio Sicuro project will cooperate with a task force of LazioLab, involving many University Professors such as Professor Roberto Setola

La Repubblica

Quotidiano, La Repubblica

New Interview on Panorama

Intervista Panorama 2020

A compromise between privacy and security

Putting into practise phase two of the lockdown measures in Italy, the treatment of health data becomes more and more important. A well-balanced approach is needed



Rivista, Panorama

New article on ANSA

The security of the citizen thanks to a new app developed together with Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Luca Faramondi, Research Fellow at the laboratorio of Automatics explains how to increase the security level, especially in these days.


Agenzia di informazione multimediale , Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata - ANSA

Article on TN en vivo

Coronavirus: digital trasformation in hospitals

Luca Faramondi, Research Fellow at the laboratorio of Automatics explains the importance of Healthcare 4.0.

TN en vivo

TV Channel, TN en vivo