Complex Systems & Security Lab

University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy


We are involved in several European and Italian Projects on critical infrastructure protection, gesture recognition and human machine interaction, networked and distributed control, indoor localization, modeling complex systems with incomplete or ambiguous information.
In particular, we are currently working on these fields:


Interdependency Models for Critical Infrastructures

based on the experience of technicians and stakeholders.


Fault detection and Reaction strategies

to cyber and stealth attacks.


Indoor localization of ad-hoc sensor networks

and of first responders during emergency situations.


The Automation group, better known as COSERITY (COmplex systems & SEcuRITY) Lab, is marked by an innovative approach that combines theoretical research activities with practical technology solutions in a wide range of domains, such as automation technologies, industrial automation, control and robotics, biomedical engineering, computer science and, primarily, Critical Infrastructures.

The Complex Systems & Security Lab, within the Engineering Faculty of the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, is one of the leading research institutions in Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) in Italy. In this field, research activities focus on the development of innovative and strong multi-disciplinary methodologies, tools and technologies to support the study of large infrastructures in terms of their behavior, threats, vulnerabilities and management.

Thanks to the large experiences acquired over more than ten years of research in the field of critical infrastructure protection and security, the COSERITY Lab jointly with University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome created in 2009, a first-of-its-kind experience in Italy and Europe, a Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Homeland Security. It aims at training security experts able to cope with the actual socio-technological threats of modern infrastructures.