BRIC SMARTBENCH: (2017 – 2019): Development of innovative integrated tools and methodologies to assess the safety and security of workers in dangerous zones. Co-funded by INAIL.

H.A.N.S.E.L.: (2017 – 2019) Health AutomatioN SystEms Laboratory

Development of an integrated industry 4.0 platform to offer services in terms of overall validation of SCADA security architectures, stress test of hardware/software with respect to cyberattacks and training of operators and technicians. Co-funded by Regione Lazio inside the Intese program.


CIPRNet (2013-2016): EU Funded FP7 project aimed to develop a network of excellence in Critical Infrastructure Protection as a centre of shared and integrated knowledge and expertise in civil security research.

SAF€RA  (2015-2016): The SAF€RA – Rising project aims to exploit RFID technology to improve the safety into the working environment, with a specific focus on emergency scenarios.

FACIES (2012-2014): EU Funded CIPS project aimed at defining methodologies for the identification of cyber attacks and stealth attacks, with particular reference to water distribution grids.

SLO (2013-2014): EU Funded CIPS project aimed to contribute to define a profile of the Security Liaison Officer in terms of competences, leadership, responsibilities, skills and roles at organisational level.

METRIP (2012-2015): EU Funded CIPS project focused on prevention and preparedness of risks in transportation systems.

THREVI2 (2012-2014): EU Funded CIPS project aimed at the difinition of an ontological representation of critical infrastructures, threats, and dependencies.

REFIRE (2012-2013) EU Funded CIPS project aimed at providing strategies for the indoor localization of first responders (e.g., firemen) during their operations in dangerous environments with scarce visibility (e.g., during a blast).

DYCOH (2010-2012): National project on innovative biomedical image manipulation for diagnosis.

SPARC (2012-2014): EU Funded CIPS project aimed at evaluating the impact of malfunctioning of satellite infrastructure and space assets to the ground critical infrastructures.

HOPES (2010-2013): EU Funded AAL Project aimed at developing an intelligent multimedia and multiformat platform providing innovative social e-services for European elderly persons and their social surroundings.

BIOGLUE (2010-2012): National Funded FILAS project

ASIA for Human Flight (2010-2011): ASI (Italian Space Agency) funded project aimed at the definition of a model to forecast the calcium loss of astronauts in microgravity environment.

SECUFOOD (2009-2010): EU Funded CIPS project aimed at realizing an overview of strategies adopted in EU to prevent criminal, and specifically terrorist, attacks against food supply chains.

MICIE (2008-2011): EU Funded FP7 project aimed at developing a realtime and distributed tool to estimate critical infrastructure dependencies based on the SCADA systems of each infrastructure.