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Prof. Roberto Setola

Head of Lab

Roberto Setola is Full Professor of Automatic Control at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome and director of the second level Master in Homeland Security, the first of its kind in Italy and Europe. He was the coordinator of several EU CIPS projects and was involved in many other national and international projects related to CIP and Homeland Security.

Curriculum Vitae Roberto Setola


Prof. Gabriele Oliva

Associate Professor

Gabriele Oliva is involved in several national and European projects on Critical Infrastructures Interdependency Modeling and Networked Control. His research interests are mainly in the field of distributed agent-based systems, fuzzy systems and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Curriculum Vitae Gabriele Oliva


Dr. Luca Faramondi, PhD

Post Doc

His research interests include the Cyber Physical Systems, the identification of network vulnerabilities, and the optimization problems. He is involved in several national and European projects about the Critical Infrastructure and Indoor Localization. In 2014 he was finalist for the CIPRNet Young Critis Award. He was honoured in 2016 for the best master degree in the field of critical infrastructures (AIIC).


Dr. Marta Menci, PhD

Post Doc

During her university studies, she focused on applied mathematics. She is a member of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM), and she is involved in research projects concerning numerical methods for evolutionary partial differential equations and applications. Her interests include modeling and computer simulations, in particular crowd management issues, with application to security for large scale events.


Camilla Fioravanti

PhD Student

Camilla is a master’s graduated in biomedical engineering at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. She is author and reviewer of scientific articles and her research fields are fault detection algorithms, cyber-physical systems and distributed sensor networks. She is also involved in some research projects, including an INAIL collaboration for the safety of workers in critical environments.

Curriculum Vitae Camilla Fioravanti


Simone Guarino

PhD Student

He is a PhD student at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. His scientific research focuses on prevention, identification, and mitigation of cyber-attacks against SCADA systems. During the last years he was involved in an Italian project “Smartbench” in which he focused on Android applications, BLE environmental and wearable sensors and distributed indoor localization algorithms. He graduated with honor mention in biomedical engineering.

Curriculum Vitae Simone Guarino

Francesca Santucci

PhD Student

Francesca is a PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering. She was awarded a first-class honours degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. Her scientific research focuses on activity recognition, indoor localization and physiological signs monitoring for the safety and health of workers in industrial enterprises. She was involved in a project for the development of a novel strategy for safe tumor removal at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery IHU of Strasbourg, where she investigated CT images-based techniques for the monitoring of thermal outcome in tissues undergoing laser ablation.

Curriculum Vitae Francesca Santucci

Giacomo Assenza

Research Assistant

Giacomo is a research trainee at the University Campus Bio-Medico in Rome. His research activity focuses on cyber-security, intelligence and critical national infrastructure from a political and strategic point of view. Giacomo graduated with distinction in Intelligence and International Security (King’s College of London) and cum laude in International Relations (Roma Tre).



Leila Di Bartolo

Administrative assistant – Translations

She studied modern languages: German, English and French and graduated with top marks (110/110 cum laude) in Linguistics, Literature and Scientific Translation from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. In her free time, she takes care of her cat Celeste and she studies Japanese language and culture.

Former members

Stephanie Ott

Administrative Assistant

She worked for several years as a private teacher, focusing on modern languages such as German, English and French. For a long time, she worked as a columnist for different publishing houses and as a freelance translator.

Dr. Clio di Marcello

Technical Translator
She has been a foreign-languages teacher in a private school where she tought English and French. She is an expert in the field of subtitling translation and book translation, thanks to her past work experiences and to her linguistic academic cv.


Eng. Maria Carla De Maggio

Project Manager
She has been part of the Lab from the beginning in 2009, after a working period as junior consultant for a company involved in several EU Projects in the ICT, e-inclusion and ethics areas. She managed the several National and EU Projects of which the automation group is coordinator or partner, in both scientific and administrative aspects.

Eng. Francesca De Cillis, PhD

Post Doc
She worked for some years in several companies, holding different tasks. Her research interests include Critical Infrastructures Protection, indoor localization of humans and robots using ad-hoc sensors networks, and mobile robotics for rescue applications.

Dr. Estefanía E. Miciolino

Ph.D Student
Her areas of focus include studies the behavior and Fault Diagnosis of complex networks. She also worked for the development of an innovative method for the evaluation of nasal breathing after surgery. She is a member of the international association IEEE – Institute of Electrical & Engineers.

Dr. Marco Tesei

Junior Researcher
He collaborated with the Department of Public Security of the Italian Ministry of Interior on the use of UAV for security and monitory activities (2009-2010). His research interests include mobile robotics for rescue applications, software programming and UAVs.


Eng. Leda Maria Montoni

PhD Student
Her field of research concern the area of medical computer vision, especially about development of registration algorithmic techniques for the analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE_MRI) magnetic resonance imaging data, devoted to the study and detection of lesions in the organs and motion artifacts compensation.

Dr. Matteo Langone

PhD Student
His research interests include Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) for rescue and safety applications and Cybersecurity issues related to Industrial Network and Wearable Medical Devices. His master degree thesis work was related to a practical analysis of the cybersecurity of BLE wearable devices.

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