Coserity Lab involved in the development of  
SynCrea project

The project aims to develop the software suite, SynCrea, which will enable the implementation of an ergonomic security model. On one hand, it ensures the possibility of maintaining smooth post-production dynamics, while on the other hand, it increases the level of traceability and protection of the content. Therefore, the project aims to offer an integrated solution for secure management of audiovisual content from the early stages of the production process to the creation of the final master. By ensuring traceability of all process stages and all sub-products originating during the different stages of post-production, SynCrea also aims to ensure, consistently with the increasingly prevalent logic of smart production, maximum process flexibility by allowing the possibility of extending the safe zone beyond the physical boundaries of post-production laboratories.


“Riposizionamento competitivo RSI di cui alla Det. n. G18823 del 28/12/2022 – Ambito 4 “Indistrie Creative e Digitali”
Overall project cost: 461.307,55 €

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