Rome, 11 November 2019

Auditorium Inail

The SmartBench Research Project stems from the idea of ​​making Smart the safety of industrial plants by exploiting the technologies of «Industry 4.0». This doesn’t mean that the basic ideas are limited only to the migration and adaptation that are based on the industry 4.0 but rather the idea of centralizing the issue of the worker’s safety. The Safety 4.0 approach has the ambition to rethink safety using all the technological potentialities available today and consequently to increase the safety of workers to an unprecedented level.

SmartBench (“Smart Industrial Safety Workbench”) allows the integration and processing of information coming from smart devices to improve safety in the workplaces. Within the SmartBench project four technological verticalizations have been developed, necessary for the development of the following systems: Acoustic Emission sensor networks (EA) for structural integrity monitoring; smart labels for risk management and verification of work equipment; virtual sensors for viewing the aging of plants; smart systems (IoT) for verifying the correct use of PPE devices and the physiological state of the worker operating in difficult environments.

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