Prof. Roberto Setola on the Editorial Board of “The Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science (JISSS)” (NL) published by the Safety and Security Science Group of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).
This open access Journal publishes innovative papers that offer a significant contribution – conceptual, theoretical, methodological, or empirical – to all areas of physical security and safety in industries and infrastructures.
The primary focus is on security and the integration of security and safety within the broad spectrum of security areas, such as terrorism, piracy, theft (e.g., chemical products), and sabotage. Of course, contributions addressing the broad safety spectrum are also welcome, as long as there is a link with security.
Of particular interest are articles that combine science, technology, management strategies and regulations to invent scientifically substantiated yet practical solutions for securing and safeguarding assets in various domains. These include the chemical and process industry, oil and gas industry, transportation systems including HAZMAT transportation, power plants (nuclear, LNG, etc.), pipelines, drinking water and water treatment systems, commercial facilities, and government facilities. Submissions related to both fundamental questions (concepts, theories, methods) and/or applied problems (problem domains and empirical results) are within the scope of the journal.
For more information about the journal’s aims, editorial board and call for papers on the journal visit the website: