Prof. Roberto Setola attendance at 
WORKSHOP Physical Protection of National Critical Infrastructure 
under the Critical Entity Resilience (CER) Directive
Rome, 14 February 2023

CNEL14.02 (4)

The workshop aimed to present the (European Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Centre, Italian node) initiative, a Program Agreement between ENEA and INGV.

Prof. Setola had the opportunity to attend during the panel discussion on possible systemic approaches to the protection of National Critical Infrastructures analyzed from the perspective of Operators and the National Research System.

It is essential to develop such approaches in an international context in which the issue of Critical Infrastructure security and related strategies to ensure its integrity, protection from physical risk and to ensure resilience of the entire Services system is gaining increasing importance, particularly in light of changing weather and climate conditions, the impacts of hydrogeological and seismic phenomena, and the ageing problems of the structures themselves, all of which were analyzed and evaluated in Coserity’s research projects.

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