Interview TGTG Coronavirus and Fake News

How can we identify Fake News? What is the purpose of transmitting false information? Which could be the consequences and how is it possible to prevent the distribution of Fake News? Professor Setola answered these and more questions on TGTG

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Conference on “General conditions of security”

Professor Roberto Setola took part at the conference “General conditions of security” on 12 November 2019 in Rome. At the conference the details of the intersectoral report on predatory crime had been illustrated, describing main original solutions in the security... leggi tutto

Smartbench Seminar: Brilliant ideas for industrial safety

Rome, 11 November 2019 Auditorium Inail The SmartBench Research Project stems from the idea of ​​making Smart the safety of industrial plants by exploiting the technologies of «Industry 4.0». This doesn’t mean that the basic ideas are limited only to the migration and... leggi tutto

The major cybersecurity risk for a company? The human error

The risk of a cyber attack is of major concern for modern companies, which provide themselves with technologies and digital infrastructures to increase and expand the radius of action, exposing themselves to unexpected and even more often unpredictable cyber-attacks.... leggi tutto

Big Data in Health 2019

Big Data in Health 2019, three days dedicated on how the Big Data will improve the assistance and care in the medical field. From 2 to 4 October 2019 a conference on Big Data in Health 2019, which is taking place in Rome, will give the opportunity to scientists,... leggi tutto

Attack on the Italian rail system blocks high speed train

Professor Roberto Setola, Director of the Master in Homeland Security, has been interviewed by the main Italian news media regarding the fire attack on a control unit of a high speed train in Florence this past 22 July. Those responsible for the attack are still... leggi tutto

NIC Directive and Healthcare

Article on Agendadigitale: The mix between the increasing digitalization of processes and paths of healing and the far too slow adoption of cyber security measures makes healthcare extremely vulnerable to cyber risks. The NIS Directive can create the... leggi tutto

Visit of Lazio Region Councillor of Economic Development

The Councillor of Economic Development of the Lazio Region Gian Paolo Manzella, came to visit the Complex Systems and Security Laboratory on Friday 5 July. He met our researchers involved in the HANSEL project, co-financed by the Lazio Region inside the INTESE... leggi tutto